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How To Become An Employed Certified Crane Operator

Becoming a certified crane operator is not that difficult. Becoming an employed certified crane operator is a little bit more difficult. What you can do of course is ensure your training and certification is done through an accredited training provider. Whilst not guaranteeing you a job, it will certainly enhance your ability to win a job. Let’s look at the three components separately.

Crane Operator Training

Receiving your crane operator training through an accredited training provider means you are receiving training that has been approved at a national level. This means your training credentials will be respected across the nation, relieving you of the need to pass a test or do more training in each state.

Accredited training is delivered to a standard set of skills. Every person that undertakes accredited training should in theory have the same set of operating skills no matter where they undertook their training.

Crane Operator Certification

Like the training, crane operator certification has to be undertaken through an accredited provider. These are providers who have been approved to deliver assessments and issue certificates to those that pass. Like the accredited training, the assumption is that everyone who has been certified is able to demonstrate the same skills and knowledge no matter where they undertook their training.

There are many states now where all crane operators must be certified before they can be employed to operate a crane. It doesn’t matter where that certification was done so long as it was done through an accredited provider.

Crane Operator Employment

Once you have completed your training and passed all the requirements for certification, you are ready to seek employment. More importantly, you will have all the requirements for an employer to hire you.

Some accredited training providers also provide job placement services. These services are designed to try and match your skills and attributes to the right employers.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are accredited to deliver crane operator training. They are also accredited to undertake crane operator assessments and to issue crane operator certifications. Finally, to complete the picture, they also provide a job placement service. That’s everything you need to become an employed certified crane operator. If that’s your career plan, what are you waiting for?

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