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Eligible Training Provider For Agencies

Heavy equipment operations is a viable career option for many people who are currently out of work. As an eligible training provider for many government programs, we know that we can help many of these out of work individuals start new careers. We even offer a free one-day training workshop that interested people can attend, just to see if they are suited to a heavy equipment career. The good news is that one-day event is totally free.

This may be of interest to those in employment agencies whose responsibility it is to help people find work. If your clients are eligible for one of the government programs, you can send them to the one day program to see if they are interested in and suited to this industry. This is an ideal way of ensuring that government grants are allocated to individuals who will get the most benefit from them.

Associated Training Services has a long and successful history of working with agencies to help people commence new careers. This is built on a long and successful history of training in the heavy equipment, truck driving, and crane operating fields. We have worked successfully with departments of workforce development, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), dislocated worker re-training programs, Trade Adjustment Act (TAA), vocational rehabilitation, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), state Departments of Veterans Affairs, Federal Veterans Administration.

Our eligible training program is available to anyone, not just individuals referred through employment agencies. If you are interested in a career as a heavy equipment operator, then contact our admissions staff for more information on this offer, along with any other offers available. A career as a heavy equipment operator is both interesting and lucrative, and the demand for new operators is steadily growing.

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