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Dump Trucks Working In Harmony With Heavy Equipment

Dump trucks are an essential part of a construction team as they work to either bring in construction materials or to cart away unwanted material. The one thing that most dump trucks rely on is another piece of heavy equipment to fill their dumpers. In some cases, there are silos that can be used to fill dumper with sand, soil, or gravel that is required on a construction project.

When it comes to removing unwanted material from a site, dump trucks have to rely on the speed, skill, and accuracy of loader operators and backhoe operators to fill their dumpers. Most teams develop a communication system that even tells a dump truck driver when their dumper is full and ready to be driven away. It’s an interesting process to watch from a distance – a little like ants running around slowly filling that dumper.

Dump truck drivers that drive their vehicles on public roads will generally require a commercial drivers license (CDL) before they can be employed. Leaning to drive a dump truck can be completed in a few short weeks. With the current state of our construction industry, employment opportunities are opening up every day – and the demand is set to rise as spring turns to summer.

Is the job of a dump truck driver boring? Never. Driving on the open road is challenging these days, especially with a fully-laden dump truck. The work is varied with operators often required to spread their load rather than just dumping and running. Spreading takes considerable skill as the dumper’s gate is only opened enough to let a steady stream of material escape. The dump truck driver needs to drive at the right speed while raising the dumper to allow a smooth and even flow of material over the surface. If you are ever near a road building project, watch the dump trucks as they spread gravel along a stretch of newly forming road. With those skills, it’s never boring!

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