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Dump Trucks – We Will Always Need Someone To Remove The Trash

If there is one career that will continue on for decades it is that of the garbage truck driver. These drivers operate what is essentially a modern day version of a dump truck. The major differences being that it is a semi-sealed unit, can compact the contents, and has special arms to raise and lower trash bins. What they do have in common with a standard dump truck is the need for a commercial drivers license (CDL).

Now here’s a question. Do you know how long it takes to train to become a truck driver? To gain your commercial drivers license you need to pass both a theoretical and practical test. When it comes to the theoretical side, that is learning the road rules associated with truck driving. Do you have a good memory? The practical test is a piece of cake if you have had the right training. ATS Truck Driver Schools can have you trained, with road experience, and ready for your CDL test in as little as three weeks.

That means you could be working as a truck driver a month after starting your truck driver training course. That’s a good turn around, especially when compared to most other careers. Truck drivers are always in demand. Let’s face it, no matter how bad the economy is, we still need to eat and we still manage to dispose of a lot of trash. That means truck drivers are involved in both the supply and removal of our daily needs.

If you’re considering a career change and truck driving is one of your career options, contact ATS Truck Driver Training Schools for more information. We have several campuses around the nation with training programs commencing at regular intervals. You can also find more information on our website.

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