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Building A Successful Career As A Dump Truck Driver

Dump truck drivers often have the best of all worlds. The work is relatively easy, the paychecks are good and you normally get to go home at the end of each day. In most cases, dump truck drivers operate in their own area working on a wide variety of projects ranging from highway building to home constructions. Building a successful career as a dump truck driver can be a lot easier than trying to break into the long distance driving segment of the industry.

Like all careers, your success will depend to a large degree on how well trained you are. It is also important to receive training from a school that has a good reputation within the industry. Armed with these two, your chances of gaining a start are significantly improved. Demonstrating your abilities on the job will then determine how successful you career is going to be.

Associated Training Services has a network of truck driving schools all with well earned reputations for providing well trained drivers. It also helps that ATS is one of the nation’s oldest truck driver training schools – a factor that will soon be highlighted when we celebrate fifty years in the industry – there are not many truck driver training schools that can boast a fiftieth birthday.

We can provide the training, and our reputation may well help you open doors to gain a start. However, your career will still be based on how well you perform as an operator. Dedication, reliability and attention to details such as safety are all important. Most importantly is your commitment to wanting a career as a dump truck driver. If you are committed, and you can display dedication, reliability and attention to detail, then contact us for more information on how we can help you get started on the road to a successful career as a dump truck driver.

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  1. I have my Class A cdl license with all endorsements I got it in 2013 however I don’t have any experience behind the wheel.
    I have an employer that may be interested in hiring me in Olympia if i go through a refresher course. I am working with DVR to fund my training I would appreciate info on the refresher courses that you offer as soon as possible.


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