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There’s More To Dump Trucks Than Meets The Eye

There has been a growth in dump trucks in recent years although you may be surprised at where this growth is. Mention dump trucks and you are probably imagining a truck with a large bin on its back that can be tipped to empty. That’s the traditional dump truck also known as a rigid dump truck. However, the growth has been in what are known as articulated dump trucks.

As the name suggests, articulated dump trucks are in two parts with tray or bin separate to the tractor or drive component. Driving an articulated dump truck is similar to driving with a trailer, this means reversing can be tricky if you are not skilled in the art. Does one form of dump truck offer any benefits over the other? Generally speaking, no. However, where an articulated truck is superior is in off-road capabilities, particularly on slopes and in muddy conditions.

Since an articulated dump truck does not act in the same manner as a rigid dump truck, you would think that specialist training may be in order. If you are trained only in a rigid dump truck then extra training could be required. If you undertake your training through ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools then further training shouldn’t be required.

ATS train truck drivers in both rigid and articulated vehicles. This provides students with skills to drive either a rigid truck like a dump truck, or articulated vehicles such as tractor-trailers and, of course, articulated dump trucks. Driving an articulated dump truck can be a challenging and rewarding job. If you’re interested in learning how to drive a dump truck – call us to discuss your dump truck training options.

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