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Dump Trucks Clearing The Way For New Construction

If you are looking for a career that is non stop then consider a career as a dump truck driver. One thing I can guarantee is that you will be kept busy. These days, heavy equipment like excavators and loaders can fill a dump truck very quickly and have it on its way again in no time. As a dump truck operator, you could be spending your day carting excess dirt away from a construction area, carting truck loads of building material to a site, or a lot of both.

Dump trucks take a little more skill than standard trucks. Sure, the driving is pretty much the same, however, when it comes to emptying a load, dump trucks don’t need to rely on other machinery. As the name implies, they simply dump their load and leave. It’s the dumping that requires the extra skills of course and in years past, has been the cause of most accidents involving dump truck drivers.

Simple safety aspects like looking up before operating the dumper is essential these days – the last thing you want is make contact with any overhead cabling. Dumping safely is important and so to is learning to dump while on the move. This can be a fairly technical task with the rear hopper only opened an inch or two. With the hopper slightly opened, the dumper is slowly raised and as the material is emptied, the truck moves forward. Good operators can spread an inch or so of gravel evenly over a stretch of new road – a job most people would find difficult doing by hand.

Becoming a dump truck driver is as 1-2-3. 1 – call us to find out when and where our next truck driver training program is. 2 – enroll in a truck driver training program that suits and 3 – give us three weeks to train you (that’s all it takes) ready for work. Driving a dump truck brings to life the dreams over many childhoods.

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