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Don’t I Need Experience To Operate Heavy Equipment?

Of course you do – and training too – and we provide both. For an employer it is a catch 22 situation. They obviously want experienced heavy equipment operators, however if every employer took that attitude there would be no new blood coming into the trade.

Heavy equipment operators held about 416,000 jobs in 2002 and jobs were found in every section of the country and were distributed among various types of operators.

Job opportunities for heavy equipment operators are expected to be good through 2012 so new operators are constantly in demand. What is important is that what once you finish your training, you consider every job as an extension of that training – that is – you continue to learn on the job.

About three out of five heavy equipment operators work in the construction industry with many of them involved in heavy construction, building highways, bridges, or railroads. About one out of five Others – mostly grader, bulldozer, and scraper operators – work in mining. Some also work in manufacturing and for utility companies. Less than one in twenty construction equipment operators were self-employed.

With that information, it is obvious there is a call for skilled heavy equipment operators. The only way to gain those skills is through training at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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