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Do You Have A Head For Heights – Crane Operator Heights That Is

Crane operators move large and heavy materials and equipment. They may operate different types of cranes such as mobile and tower cranes. They are required to operate various types of cranes to lift, move and load large or heavy pieces of equipment or materials.

crane operatorOperators may also carry out routine daily maintenance of equipment. Crane operators must wear protective clothing such as a safety helmet, ear protectors and outdoor wear. As well as having a good head for heights, crane operators must be alert at all times.

As a crane operator you will need excellent judgment, a practical approach and good concentration. It is also vital to be safety conscious and teamwork is important. Mechanical skills are useful for the basic servicing of equipment.

You need to be physically fit as you must climb to reach the cab. In some cases this might be several hundred feet. You also need good eyesight.

To gain training to become a crane driver, visit ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools for more information.

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