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Do You Need Specific Heavy Equipment Training?

There are times when standard training to operate heavy equipment doesn’t satisfy the needs of a particular job. What is required is specific training that has been customized to meet the needs of the work required. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have decades of experience training individuals to operate heavy equipment, and this includes designing specific training programs to meet an employer’s needs.

Cost is always an important factor when it comes to training a work crew. As an employer, you can hire a dedicated trainer and they can either design the training program you need, or buy an off-the-shelf training program and modify it to fit your needs. This can be an expensive option, especially if you have a small group of employees, and there is no ongoing need for that heavy equipment trainer.

A less expensive option is to talk to us at ATS. We can discuss your specific heavy equipment operator needs, design a training program that trains operators to meet those needs, then deliver the training. More importantly, that training plan doesn’t end up in the trash once we have completed your training. That training plan is always available should your employers ever need refresher, or if you engage new employees who require specific training.

While standard heavy equipment training programs do provide a solid grounding in heavy equipment operations, there are a wide range of workplaces where the training needs to be more specific. If you are an employer about to take on a new contract, and you feel your employees need specific skills to meet that contract, talk to us – we customize your heavy equipment training, we’re flexible when it comes to delivery of training (your site or ours – which days), and our training is backed by a solid reputation earned through decades of quality training.

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