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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Long Distance Truck Driver?

Long distance truck driving can be tough. You’re away from home for days, sometimes weeks at a time. This is changing as employers recognize the need for family life, more so since government regulations have limited the number of hours a truck driver can be behind the wheel each week. Whilst truck driving can be a tough life, it can certainly be an interesting and rewarding life.

Smart truck drivers plan their career. They work the long distance routes when they are young, earning the big dollars wherever possible, in order to buy their first home and to set themselves up for family life. Many of these drivers then seek regular local work that has them home each night to enjoy their family life. I say “many” since quite a few drivers find themselves really enjoying life as a long distance trucker.

What does it take to be a long distance truck driver? That’s a tough question since every person is different, and it’s hard to quantify the traits required. Truck driving is truck driving – long distance truck drivers spend hours on the road, in a cab, on their own. But then, so too do local drivers, it’s just the hours aren’t quite as long. Long distance and local truck drivers both require CDL’s, road sense, and an ability to work to a tight schedule.

Home time is the big difference. Can you survive in a job that takes you away from home for long periods? Truck driving is not the only career that has this requirement. The military, mining, oil platforms and the sea all have similar effects on home life. If you’re young, carefree (or just carefree), then life as a long distance truck driver could be perfect for you.

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