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The Ever Developing Role Of Excavators

Excavators – they were once considered to be great at digging holes in the ground, particularly trenches for pipes. These days, excavators can be found in a variety of workplaces and digging trenches has become just one of many tasks they can perform. One of the best places to see the variety of jobs an excavator can perform is on a demolition site.

Demolition jobs have to be every big kid’s dream job. While we like building things, just watch your kids – they take great pleasure in pulling them down again only to start all over. Demolition work, however, is not a kid’s job. In fact, it’s a serious job that requires precision and care with safety of paramount importance. Excavators often play a major role in demolition jobs because of the variety of tasks they can perform.

Attachments are what allows an excavator to be versatile and while pulling down walls is a major part of their job, using attachments such as claws and jackhammers means the excavator can move and break up large sections of a building. It can be an interesting experience just watching an excavator rip up a concrete building block – they can certainly make short work of the task.

You will find excavators at work in a variety of jobs. The mining industry relies on them as does construction. They can be used for river and creek dredging or widening, forestry and, using smaller versions, landscape gardening. To become an excavator operator is not as difficult as some believe. Three weeks of heavy equipment training will prepare most students for entry level employment opportunities. On the job training using a variety of attachments will soon see proficient operators offered more challenging roles such as demolition work.

If you’re interested in a career as an excavator operator, contact ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools for more information on course dates, financial assistance and post-training career services. The opportunities are there for those ready to take them.

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