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Demand For Heavy Equipment Operators Yet To Peak In California

California is one of the largest states when it comes to construction and public highways. Believe it or not, current employment levels in the construction industry are down around 4% compared to last year – however, there are still almost 700,000 people employed in that one industry sector. You have also got to take into account the budget problems that Big Arnie is having so many of the projects forecast to start this year are still on the drawing board. This means of course that the demand for heavy equipment operators has not reached its peak yet, and probably won’t until the end of summer.

If demand is still growing then now is the time to consider your future. Have you had passing thoughts of working as a heavy equipment operator? Have you ever stopped and watched in awe as bulldozers of front end loaders ply their trade? They can certainly move a lot of earth in fairly short time.

Associated Training Services have two training establishments in California, one in Victorville and one in Eldorado Hills. Bulldozer training is undertaken as part of a heavy equipment training program where you also receive instruction on other earth moving equipment such as front end loaders and excavators.

Demand for suitably qualified heavy equipment operators is on the rise across the nation. When California hits its peak and starts looking for operators, they will not be able to rely on those coming from interstate as they have in the past – they are too busy on the projects underway in their home states. We are going to need freshly trained and qualified operators, preferably with a little experience behind them, even if it is for only a month or two.

Start and complete your heavy equipment training now and make use of the growing demand to gain experience for those big projects when they start. You may never get a better opportunity to enter this well paid sector of the work force.

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