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Deciding On The Right Crane Operator Training

If you are looking for a career as a crane operator, then your first step is to decide on what type of crane you want to operate. Crane operations is a large field and includes those monstrous cranes that climb a building as it’s being constructed all the way down to small cranes, which sit on trucks that are used to off-load the cargo. The most popular crane in use is the mobile crane, however, that too comes in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Don’t even contemplate walking into a highrise fixed crane. You need years of experience to win a job in one of those cranes, and given how few highrise cranes there are, competition for vacancies is fairly intense. Mobile cranes are the better option for novices – they are relatively easy to learn and there are often a lot of job vacancies for these operators. When considering a career as a mobile crane operator, you can look at:

  • swing cab boom cranes
  • rough terrain boom cranes
  • fixed cab cranes
  • fixed boom trucks
  • lattice boom cranes
  • articulated cranes (aka knuckleboom cranes)

To operate a crane, an operator must be certified to gain certification. You need to pass crane operator competency tests. The best way to prepare yourself for these tests is through crane operator training undertaken through a training school that runs a recognized crane operator training program.

ATS is well known throughout the industry as one of the leaders in crane operator training and certification. We are one of the largest and oldest training schools in the nation and deliver training programs that not only prepare students for their certification tests but prepare them for work as well – and there is a big difference. If you’re interested in a career as a crane operator, contact us for details on our up-and-coming crane operator training programs.

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