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Dancing Excavators And Other Tricks

Yes, you read correctly. Dancing excavators. I write this post, not so much to highlight the fact that excavators can dance, but to highlight the precision of the excavator operators. In one video, whilst the excavators don’t appear to be that big, when you have an excavator bucket and broom traveling at speed, it will do some damage when it comes into contact with something.

Precision comes from experience. However, that experience is based on the initial training that an excavator operator receives. If the initial training is poor, then the on-the-job training skill development becomes so much harder. In fact, many new operators walk away from the profession because they cannot cope, and they reason they cannot cope is because they have had such poor training to begin with.

A well trained operator will be confident (without being cocky) when taking control of his/her equipment. The more time they spend using that piece of equipment, the more confident they become – in fact, an operator soon learns to trust instinct as much as anything else. That is a skill that does take time to develop.

Good quality training starts with the selection of a training organization. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools has a long history of providing quality excavator training that is relevant to today’s workplace. We pride ourselves on providing our students with a solid platform of skills and knowledge that enable them to quickly gain on-the-job work skills. In effect, our quality training helps an operator fast track their career.

If you are looking to develop the skills similar to those shown in the video, contact us at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools and we can discuss what options are available in becoming a heavy equipment operator.

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  1. I would love to learn an Excavator an other skills but I lost my job so there isn’t much fund to support me.How can you help?

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