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Crane Operator Training That Includes Certification

It doesn’t matter what sort of training you undertake. It is going to cost you. If you were buying a car or a washing machine, for example, you would ensure you were getting value for money, so the same should hold true for training. When it comes to crane operator training, you can undertake basic training, which will provide you with some of the skills required, or you can undertake training that leads to a national certification.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training Schools goes one better. We deliver crane operator training and follow that with NCCCO-approved assessments and certifications. Employers cannot employ a crane operator unless they are certified, so it makes sense to walk away from your crane operator training with that certification, not just the basic skills. The ATS training program includes options for:

  • Training on swing cab boom cranes,
  • Training on rough terrain boom cranes,
  • Training on fixed cab cranes,
  • Training on fixed boom trucks,
  • Professional lattice boom crane instruction,
  • Articulated crane training (aka knuckleboom crane),
  • OSHA-compliant rigging & signalperson training,
  • NCCCO written exams, and
  • NCCCO practical exams.

Our training methods and standards are up-to-date and designed with future employment specifically in mind. We want our graduates to have long and successful careers as crane operators – you are, after all, our best advertisements. Your success helps us to remain successful with a philosophy we have held over fifty years, and one that has been maintained through our strong reputation with industry.

If you are interested in a rewarding and interesting career as a crane operator, then talk to us about your training options. You’ll be surprised at how quickly we can have you ready to commence work as a crane operator.

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