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Crane Operator Training And Constructions Most Challenging Job

Do you like being challenged in the workplace? By this I mean a job that keeps you thinking, keeps you on your toes and certainly isn’t a sit back and watch type of job. Crane operators have one of the more challenging roles on a construction site and carry the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. One false move could destroy a building and cost many lives. Crane operator training prepares a student for the tough career that awaits them.

Have I scared you off? I hope not, I am simply stating a few facts. I might add that crane operators are amongst the best paid workers on a construction site and while the job may be challenging, it is can be very rewarding as well.

ATS Crane Operator School offers training in both mobile crane and lattice boom cranes. Training is certified with graduates receiving national recognition through the NCCCO. Features of our crane operator training include:

  • Hands-On Training
  • Financial Assistance
  • Certified Instructors
  • Nationwide Job Placement
  • NCCCO Certification and Testing
  • Stable Career
  • Custom Training Programs
  • Short Term Training
  • Classes Every 3 Weeks
  • Swing and Fixed Cabs
  • Lattice Boom Cranes
  • Nationwide Training Schools

Crane operators are well respected in the work place and all sectors of our community rely on them to complete a job with total safety. Your initial training is the platform that enables an operator to add new skills throughout their working life. Have an unstable platform and you will struggle to become a highly skilled operator. Get the basics right from day one, and your career is almost assured.

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