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Combining a CDL and Heavy Equipment Certification

The more training an employee has under his belt the more valuable they are to their employer. This is true in every industry, and this is especially true in the heavy equipment industry. There are numerous machines that an operator can get trained on that will make him more valuable. But, a unique route can be taken to increase an operator’s value even more. This is to combine the heavy equipment operator training certification with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) .

Every construction or engineering company needs to get their heavy equipment from one work site to another. With the majority of heavy equipment, this requires a flatbed truck which will also require a driver with a commercial driver’s license. This driver may then be required to move around the heavy equipment once he has arrived on a work site. By combining these two training programs, an operator can truly increase his value to any company. In this tight economy, any chance an operator has to improve his resume should be taken. This combination of training could make an operator invaluable to his employer.

An employer is always looking for ways to increase profits and speed up processes. A great way for an employee to save his employer money is to be able to perform the duties that would normally require two people. A heavy equipment operator that can drive equipment to a work site will stand out to his employer and will make him instantly more hirable. Today, millions are struggling to make ends meet, but a CDL licensed driver that can operate heavy equipment will be a highly coveted employee on any work site.

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