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Careers In Construction

If you are looking for a career in constructions then perhaps some of these facts may appeal to you:

  • Construction is one of the nation’s largest industries
  • There are 6.9 million Americans in construction
  • By 2012, there will be one million new jobs available in construction
  • The construction industry is among the economy’s top 10 largest sources of growth
  • There are 240,000 jobs available each year in construction
  • Opportunities to own your own firm is better in construction than any other industry

The construction industry is part of our everyday lives. Construction workers build the roads, bridges, shopping malls, schools, homes, skyscrapers, stadiums, airports, and gas stations. In fact the list is endless.

Remember, nearly all construction starts with the use of heavy equipment. For a job in this thriving industry, visit our parent site, ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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