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Career Services at ATS

Associated Training Services is proud to offer career services to students. As a school that helps people get prepared for careers in truck driving, heavy equipment operation, an d more, ATS has a lot to offer. There are many different ways that ATS offers help in the career services area.

Personal career counseling is a key part of career services at ATS. The coordinator of this department works with students right from the start of their training. The career goals and interests of each student are determined and hiring employers are presented. Throughout training, this professional is available to help students with job searches as well. Even students who graduate can take advantage of this perk.

There are also skills to work on in career services. Soft skills such as interviewing skills, application know how’s and more. Each of these are addressed in career services and help students become more prepared for a future career.
ATS career services also includes job finding assistance. There is a job leads database containing contact information for many hiring employers. Students and graduates can have access to this list of possible jobs to assist them in nailing down there future plans.

If you have an interest in becoming a heavy equipment operator, a truck driver, or a related position, ATS may be the answer for you. Training at ATS will allow you the freedom to be qualified for a number of open positions. With the training provided and career services available, ATS could change your life and set you up for success!

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