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Is There Really A Career Path In Heavy Equipment?

Most people’s concept of a heavy equipment operator is someone who is overweight and sits in a cab all day pulling levers and pushing pedals. When it comes to considering a career, that’s it. Nothing could be further from the truth. It actually takes a level of fitness to operate heavy equipment, particularly some of the older models where you have wrestle with the controls all day.

Is there a career path? The field of heavy equipment operations s no different to hundreds of other occupations – it is what you make of it. If you want a career with advancement opportunities then you need to work towards it.

As a heavy equipment operator your career options are varied. You could aspire to being a team leader or crew boss. In this role you are responsible for the allocation of tasks and the ongoing management of those tasks ensuring that jobs are done in the right order. Highway construction crews always have someone who is in charge of the equipment – you may hear the referred to as a foreman.

Training is another area that could be considered. The heavy equipment training industry is always looking for skilled operators with good communication and people skills. At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools we rely on the experience and skills of trainers to produce skilled operators for the industry.

Many individuals start as operators before undertaking further training to become mechanics skilled in the maintenance and repair of heavy equipment. Others become specialized in electrics or hydraulics.

The ultimate is to either become a construction site manager, or to become a business owner. Some operators eventually buy their own machinery and contract out their skills. Over time they add more heavy equipment along with the operators to satisfy the demand for their services.

There are career paths in all industries including heavy equipment. You can simply be an operator, and there is nothing wrong with that; or you can aspire to other positions within the industry. It’s your future and it’s your career – go for it.

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