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Bulldozers Leaving Their Mark In Agriculture

Bulldozers have their origins in agriculture and they are moving back into this industry big time these days. The bulldozer’s origin was that of a humble farm tractor that had a blade attached to the front. We have come a long way since those early days with machinery that ranges in size from as small as a tractor to huge machines that could almost move mountains.

Whilst construction is their main territory now, bulldozers are quietly working away on many farms, often helping to regenerate areas. Bulldozers have many advantages over tractors. They are able to drag tree roots, shift large boulders and carve out uneven ground. Where they are particularly useful is in the creation of dams. A bulldozer can turn an empty plot of land into a dam in no time. If you consider that most dams involve two components, the hole in the ground and the earth embankment surrounding the dam. With the aid of a bulldozer the creation of one, the hole in the ground, helps create the second, the earth embankment.

Whether your helping to build a road, clearing a construction site or helping to build a dam, the skills and the bulldozer training required is identical. What is important is ensuring your training is delivered by an accredited heavy equipment training organization that delivers training to national standards. This will mean your skills are transferable across state boundaries.

There are many bulldozer operators now living in rural communities who work across a wide range of projects. They may be working as a part of a road crew this week whilst next week working on a neighbor’s farm. Next month they may be on a construction site clearing the way for a new building. One thing is for sure, their working lives are never boring.

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