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Become A Professional Tractor Trailer Driver

During the past decade the demand for professional tractor trailer drivers has been the highest level for a great many years.

Skilled operators find jobs in all types of truck driving such as equipment transporting, dump trucks/trailers, sand and gravel, paving, concrete/asphalt, mining, freight haulers, construction materials and tankers to name just a few.

Benefits of joining the trucking industry may include the following depending on the positions available:

  • High income potential
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Job Security
  • Owner/Operator Programs
  • Flexible Work Schedule

If you would like more information about the industry and to see if you qualify for one of these positions, then contact us at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools. Our training includes “hands-on” instruction in the equipment including backing and other close quarter maneuvers as well as pre-trip inspection, coupling and uncoupling and actual highway and city driving. A career in truck driving awaits you.

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