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Why Is A Backhoe Called A Backhoe?

The backhoe is probably one of the most used pieces of heavy equipment with smaller versions now being used by landscape gardeners. The term backhoe is used to describe a piece of excavating equipment which consists of a digging bucket fixed to the end of an articulated arm.

The backhoe is typically mounted on the back of a tractor with common versions having a small front end loader at the front.

Rather than push earth, the backhoe works by digging the bucket into the earth and dragging it towards the machine. This pulling rather than pushing motion gives the machine a lot of strength and power in relation to its size.

The question was, why is a backhoe called a backhoe? The obvious answer is because the bucket os located at the rear, or ‘back’ of the machine. However, the location of the bucket is not why they are referred to as backhoes. The name is derived from the motion of the digging bucket. As explained, instead of pushing the material forward, the backhoe bucket scoops the earth back toward the body of the machine.

Whatever the reason for the name, they are one of the most used pieces of heavy equipment. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools include backhoes in their training regime. To learn how operate one and perhaps start a career as a backhoe operator, visit our site and check out your training options.

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