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Heavy Equipment: The Ripper Is A Physics Master

Rippers are one of the most interesting pieces of heavy equipment to watch. Some are stand alone machines, some are attachments to traditional machinery like backhoes. They can dig up the rockiest terrain ready for dozers or loaders to come in and removes the material.

The large heavy duty rippers are mean machines. They use their considerable weight as leverage along with a multi segment arm to which a sharp digging tool is fitted. The heavy weight of the ripper anchors it to the ground while the power of engine drags the ripping tool through the rock and earth. The are interesting observation in physics as the number of segments and the angle of attack is used to magnify the power of then engine. By using physics, heavy equipment like a ripper can leverage their power to perform incredible feats of strength.

Even backhoes fitted with a ripper tool can use the principles of physics to dig up ground that is rock solid, and I do mean solid rock. The operation of heavy machinery like a ripper is based on similar principles to a backhoe. The point goes into the earth and is dragged toward the machine. This is similar to you sitting in a sandpit and using your hand to drag the sand towards you. It is far easier to use your own weight as a counter balance – trying to push away from you has the wrong angles and does not make use of your own weight.

Learning to operate a ripper, or backhoe is not difficult. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can provide all the training you need to becomes a backhoe operator. From there it is just a step up to a fully fledged ripper.

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