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ATS Helps Your Job Search

When you have graduated from ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School, you aren’t left to find jobs all by yourself. ATS helps with your job search. We make sure that students get the skills they need for the training program they choose, but also the skills and support they need to stay employed.

Here’s how:

Employment Assistance

From the moment you join ATS as a student, you have access to the best Employment Assistance in the heavy equipment industry. It starts with a personal interview to help figure out your career goals and the areas you are interested in working. All this information is used to create a custom packet for you at graduation that includes possible employers and jobs in the geographic area you want to live in, along with other helpful information about your skills and training to use when you apply.

The application process is also part of our career services training. Most heavy equipment operators would cheerfully admit they aren’t so great at the office-y part of the employment search, like resume writing and interviews. We help you get ready for that by teaching the “soft skills” you need to get through the hiring process and on the job site operating big machinery.

The Job Search Website

There’s more help available to our graduates in the form of The Job Site, Total Resources Network. This is a great way to keep in touch with what’s happening in your specialty, connect with employers or potential employers, post your resume and look for jobs. You can filter the database for location or other criteria and it’s pretty much one of the best tools you have in your job search.

As a graduate of ATS you can access this database at any time. If circumstances require you to change locations, you can find a new job in the new town. It’s one of the proofs we have to assure you that you won’t be left alone to find employment by yourself because we are committed to keeping our students and graduates successful.

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