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ATS Customized Training For The Workplace

We are entering an era where the skills of yesterday may not be adequate enough to continue with today’s equipment. At the same time, who wants to lose skilled and knowledgeable employees just because of new equipment. On-training is perhaps the next big step in employer-employee relations. This is where Associated Training Services and their heavy equipment, crane operator and truck driver training schools can be of assistance.

ATS has been providing in-the-workplace customized training for many years now. We have a well trained and highly dedicated team of trainers that can design and implement training programs for your employees based on your actual needs. Wherever possible, we align these training programs to national standards. This provides employers with well trained employees and at the same time offering these employees skills that are recognized nationwide.

Customized training can be delivered at any one of our ten training centers or, if it’s more practical, in the workplace. Training covers a broad spectrum, including heavy equipment associated with earth moving; mobile cranes and lattice boom cranes; and CDL truck driver training.

The advantage of undertaking customized training in the workplace is that employees can be trained on the actual equipment in use in the environment it is being used in. They are trained to use the equipment to deliver maximum productivity for specific tasks.

For more information on customized training, contact us at 1.800.383.7364 and we can discuss your training requirements. Customized training in the workplace helps to reduce employee stress in situations where they are failing to cope with the demands of the job through lack of up-to-date skills. By providing training that updates those skills, you will be increasing confidence levels and reducing stress and you’ll be rewarded with increased productivity and less downtime.

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