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Articulating Crane – Another Level of Reach

There are many different duties being performed on a job site on any given day. There are bulldozers moving dirt and rocks. There are excavators and dump trucks removing debris from an area that needs clearing. But, the piece of heavy equipment that most laymen notice is the crane. After all, it reaches up toward the sky, so it is seen from the furthest distance. Most people have seen the standard cranes on a construction site such as the lattice boom crane or the swing cab hydraulic crane. But, more frequently now, there is a different crane being seen more often than not called the articulating crane or knuckle boom crane.

This highly maneuverable articulating crane has been used for quite a while in Europe, but it is just recently being seen a lot more in the US. The reason for its increased popularity is because of its versatility on a job site, and its ability to move a load around like no other crane. With some additional crane training , a heavy equipment operator can quickly be operating one of these cranes. The articulating crane looks very similar to a human arm in that it has bendable “joints” or “knuckles” that can be manipulated in any direction. This flexibility allows the crane to go into places that a normal crane cannot such as place a load in a window or a door. The articulating crane is also controlled by a computer that is constantly monitoring the crane’s movements to ensure safe operation.

This diverse articulating crane has become the go to crane on many work sites. It can actually take the place of several different cranes on many sites. When not in use this crane can fold in on itself, so it takes up less room than a standard crane. The articulating crane can definitely take a job site to the next level.

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