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All You Need Is To Desire To Start A Heavy Equipment Career

Heavy equipment operators are often in high demand, especially when major construction projects are scheduled. Taking that first step to becoming a heavy equipment operator is always tough. You need to justify the time and expense required to undertake heavy equipment operator training, and then there’s always the concern as to whether or not you will find a suitable job after graduating from that training.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have tried to make that decision a little easier by offering as much help as possible. The one attribute that you need to bring is desire – if you want to be a heavy equipment operator, then there are many different ways of achieving that goal. Without desire, the urge to push on is not there and the temptation to quit at the first obstacle all too easy to take. If you have that desire to work with heavy equipment, then talk to us. We can help you achieve that goal in many different ways. Some areas where we offer direct assistance include:

  • Free Heavy Equipment Training – Take a day to attend a free training session. This will help you decide if a heavy equipment career is really right for you.
  • Financial Assistance – We can help you locate suitable funding sources. We are also eligible providers of training under several government programs including those designed for service personnel.
  • Housing Assistance – We can help you with accommodation for the duration of your training. This saves on travel time and costs and places you close to the training school for easy access.
  • Career Services – We have skilled career services personnel who can help you source suitable employers, create application letters and resumes, and provide advice on how to perform well at interviews.
  • Free Jobs Site – ATS has a dedicated jobs site where employers can list job vacancies. You can include your resume on site to make it easier for employers to find you as well.
  • Heavy Equipment Training – Once you have made that final decision, we can provide you with all the training required to prepare you for employment as a heavy equipment operator. This includes both classroom based training and in-the-seat operator training.

If you have the desire to become a heavy equipment operator, then we have all the tools and resources and training required to help you achieve that goal. All it takes is one toll free phone call to (800) 383-7364 and you’ve taken that first step.

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