How High Tech Can Heavy Equipment Get?

Moving earth and heavy debris around doesn't seem like technology comes into play much, does it? After all, you are pushing dirt around far away from a computer on a desk. But today's heavy equipment often has very sophisticated technological advantages the machinery of the past was not capable of accessing. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have been around for years.…

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How Technology Has Changed The Role Of A Heavy Equipment Operator

Technology has changed the lives of just about everyone in our society. Whether it's in the kitchen at home, in the office, driving your car, or operating machinery such as heavy equipment, technology has made huge changes over the last 20 years. Changes in heavy equipment technology has occurred on several fronts - in the cab, in the equipment, and…

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Catching Up With The Latest Heavy Equipment Technology

If you're a former heavy equipment operator who has been out of the business for several years, you would be surprised at how many technological changes there have been. GPS and laser technology is used in some equipment whilst many others have converted to computerized controls, especially in equipment like graders where fine degrees of accuracy are required in blade…

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How Heavy Equipment Technology Is Changing The Pace Of Construction

Mention technology these days and most people automatically think about computers. While they do have an important role to play, new heavy equipment technology involves far more. If you were to compare today's machinery with those from twenty or more years ago, the changes, while not so obvious from the outside, are huge when you get 'under the bonnet'. Hydraulic…

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What Can You Expect In The Way Of Heavy Equipment Technology

If you're a former operator returning to the field then changes in heavy equipment technology will no doubt astound you. In fact, for decades, heavy equipment rejected the introduction on new technology. The old ways worked and worked well and operators didn't see the need for the added expense of technological change. The last ten years has seen a complete…

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