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Winter Forecast

Winter Economic Forecast

We are in the midst of Winter 2020 and we are probably wondering what the economic outlook is for the U.S. throughout the year that lies ahead. According to Investopedia, the year ahead will continue with a hot trend, but it will not be blazing. This is because many companies received 2017 tax breaks, but those have now worn off and the U.S. – China trade war is on the path to being resolved.

Experts believe that the global economy will show signs of improvement, and although the growth of China has slowed it is still growing at a rate of more than 6 percent, which shows that the Chinese government is still working to keep up a steady pace. The economies of those neighboring China are expected to grow thanks to the slowing trade war and lower interest rates.

What Are The Chances Of Recession?

Financial experts don’t think a recession is likely in 2020 because all the leading economic indicators still have some power on standby. While industrial production and manufacturing have slowed, the resolution of the trade war with China will help boost corporate confidence. The U.S. consumer sees a healthy job market, lowered gas prices, and low inflation, and with economic expansions thriving, there is still a strong financial foundation for the year ahead.

Outside the U.S., though, there are some areas that are not as financially stable. For example, Germany is nearing a recession and if that does happen, it can affect the Eurozone and cause it to be pulled down. On the other hand, the U.S. jobs market is expected to stay strong, but it may not be quite as strong as it was in the last few years. Healthcare and services remain on solid ground and will keep the economy standing strong.

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