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What Is Your Level Of Training?

Learning to operate heavy equipment is not that difficult – I wont say it is easy either. There are many different levels of training with each level designed to teach you certain skills. The also form the backbone of the next level in training.

Comprehensive training in heavy equipment operations is required to perform well in any given situation. At ATSN Heavy Equipment Training Schools with try to provide that level of training. Students are taken through three different levels.

Level 1
Level one introduces a student to heavy equipment and concentrates on safety. Heavy equipment includes backhoes, tractors, loaders and dump trucks. There is also an introduction to reading with blue prints and other site related documentation.

Level 2
Level two builds on level one and focuses on scrapers, rollers and bulldozers and their function with heavy earth moving. Once you have completed level two you will have a fairly good knowledge of heavy equipment operations.

Level 3
Level three builds on those skills introduced in levels one and two. Level three looks at advanced operational techniques including finishing and grading. Once you have completed level three you should be ready to start work and get some experience in the real world of heavy equipment operations.

The key to good training is the way each component is introduced and then steadily built upon. Rather than throwing you in with a sink or swim attitude, you are gradually taken through each of the levels as you gain confidence and an understanding of the capabilities of the heavy equipment.

Heavy equipment training can be easy once you accept that every training component is logically timetabled to provide the best possible training – and it all starts with you.

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