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What Do Operators Need To Know?

In one sense, it sort of sounds like a heavy equipment operator does just one thing: operate a big machine. But there’s a lot more to heavy equipment operation than being at the controls of a bulldozer or anything like it. In order to be a good operator, you need to be able to do things like this:

  • Grade Reading — because the way the ground is now is not the way it should be when you are finished
  • Soil Identification — because dirt does not act the same all the time
  • Site Layout — because your machine might not fit where you thought it would
  • Laser Levels — because it’s easy to get cockeyed
  • Safety Procedures — because you work with other people and everybody wants to go home tonight
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance — because your machine isn’t magic

Heavy Equipment Operator Training has to include far more than simply learning to work the machine because your goal is a career, not a ride. All the extra stuff that is part of earthmoving and excavation is included in the studies at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School because it’s part of the job. You’ll learn how to work with a crew on different types of equipment and different types of job sites because the real heavy equipment jobs are in new places all the time.

When you are operating heavy equipment, usually the job site is changing as you work. You can’t assume things will be the same way they were yesterday and you have to be able to assess what’s happening now. We do our best to get you prepared for the real world of heavy equipment and a fulfilling career.

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