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The Value of The ATS Advantage

When you are trying to figure out where to get training, it’s a good idea to look at the philosophy, experience, and goals that the school offers. Associated Training Services has a clear explanation of those very things called “The ATS Advantage,” and there are good reasons why this advantage is valuable.

Philosophy Explains Why ATS Exists

Quality, Integrity, and Pride were the keywords chosen as our motto over twenty years ago by company president John Klabacka. Each one of these words holds a meaning that expands beyond the letters to the idea behind them.

Quality is the high standard of excellence in every aspect of ATS, from the equipment and instructors to the services and facilities. We choose the best in order to train the best.

Integrity is the honest, strong moral character that is the foundation for choices made at ATS. We choose to act with integrity both professionally and personally because we know how essential integrity is to success.

Pride is the result of doing a good job. Being responsible for behavior, putting effort into improvement, and seeing things change is the source of our pride.

Experience Explains How ATS Got Where We Are

The National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) develops and publishes standardized construction and maintenance curricula, safety programs, management education, and more. The NCCER certification is the gold standard for employees in the industry — and ATS is recognized as a participating organization in the curriculum textbooks published by NCCER.

We’ve been doing this long enough to work through the rough spots and create a complete package of housing, financing, and training that doesn’t stop at graduation because we also offer lifetime employment assistance to graduates.

Value ATS and Where It’s Going

Our students are also our customers, and the primary goal of ATS is to produce satisfied customers. With the offer of lifetime employment assistance, you know that we are looking at the long haul. Since we are going for the long term goal of safe, high quality, enjoyable learning experiences that result in lifetime careers, we regularly evaluate the job we are doing to make sure we are on the right route.

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