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Using Heavy Equipment On A New Farm Site

Here is the scenario. A young couple have purchased their first 100 acre farm and they are ready to build and plant. They call you in with your bulldozer and here is what they need.

  • Dig out a dam or 2
  • Cut a road
  • Clear a house pad
  • Put in spoon drains
  • Push over trees up to 18″ diameter
  • Clear scrub,mainly head high bushes
  • Push trees,scrub into windrows

That’s easy. How about adding the following:

  • sloping,worst being 40 degrees incline/decline
  • clay…rock hard-slushy when wet
  • grassy paddocks-sparse trees-thick head high shrubbery

Often that is all the information you get when going to a job, oh and the time allowed to get it all completed. Are you up to the task? Are you ready to start that career in heavy equipment?

If you answer yes to that last question then climb on board the training rollercoaster and start your heavy equipment operator career today.

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