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Urgently Wanted – Long Distance Truck Drivers

As a nation we are heading into a period where there will be just as many retirees as there are workers – perhaps more. Baby Boomers are now reaching retirement age and like most industries the transport industry is already starting to feel the pinch. Most new drivers choose local and intrastate driving opportunities, often shunning any truck driving jobs that keep them away from home for more than a day. This has already led to a shortage of long distance truck drivers.

In the future, and I’m talking about the next three to four years, you’ll be seeing long distance truck driving jobs that use the words “urgent” as in “urgently wanted – long distance truck drivers.” You may even find phrases such as “immediate start,” “great benefits,” and perhaps even “minimal experience required.”

Those with vision can plan now to fill those vacancies as they arise. In fact, gain a commercial drivers license now and build your experience and you’ll be a truck driver who’s not only in high demand but able to demand a top wage and benefits package. Truck drivers with good reputations are already being offered good wages to switch employers – the old-fashioned corporate head hunting at a truck driver level.

How do you take advantage of the looming truck driver shortage? First, you need quality truck driver training, then a commercial drivers license, all followed up by experience gained on the job. We can provide you with the training and help you to obtain your commercial drivers license. Even better, we can help you find that all important first truck driving job, a job that will give you experience and help launch your career.

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