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A Recommendation Is Training’s Best Advertisement

Training, particularly heavy equipment training, can be an interesting exercise when it comes to promotion. You can spend millions on advertising and not see a major return on your investment. At the same time, it only takes one satisfied student to talk about their training and it can bring in a dozen new recruits to the industry.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools, we prefer the latter. Satisfied students are what we aim for with every training class that comes through out training schools (and we have ten of those). It’s a simple rationale. If we provide you with effective quality training that helps you discover a new and lucrative career, you’re going to be happy. If you’re happy, chances are you will tell others and that, of course, keeps us in business.

It may sound almost brutally frank, but that is reality in today’s world. The reverse is also true. If our training is crap and leaves you out of pocket with no chances of ever working as a heavy equipment operator, you will soon sing our failures to the world at large – and that of course will lead to our downfall. So we have a vested interest in your success as a heavy equipment operator. How do we achieve that goal? It’s all fairly straight forward. This is what you can expect when you enroll in one of our training programs:

  • Accredited training to national standards
  • Hands on in-the-cab training
  • Industry approved training in safety standards
  • Post graduate job placement assistance

If you’re looking at a career in heavy equipment, check out our track record; listen to former students who now have successful careers in heavy equipment operation; and talk to one of our staff members about what training options are available now. Remember, your success is our success.

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