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Training with ATS, Get the Most out of It

Our heavy equipment training programs here at Associated Training Services are not exactly easy work. This is a tough industry and it is our aim to prepare people for real work as best we can.

Training Schedules at ATS

Our students are made up of two types of people, those that work and those that do not. If you are currently employed and wish to continue working while you undertake our training program, it is possible. We offer two types of training schedules: a full time schedule for those that are not working and a part time schedule for those who wish to complete their various course modules after work hours.

Our full time course is intensive; the idea behind it is to get you through the course as quickly as possible, so that you can get out and find a better job. The part time schedule is designed to work around your lifestyle so that you can go through your training and continue earning a wage.

Equipment Training at ATS

Our educational goal here at ATS is to prepare our students for life in a real workplace. We do that by creating a simulated work environment. You will get to put heavy equipment to use in conditions that are similar to those on a real job site. Our training is not all practical; there is some theory involved. Both our practical and theoretical training components are taught by our experienced professional instructors.

Are you interested in training with us here at Associated Training Services? To learn more about our training programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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