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OSHA Safety

Training For OSHA Safety

OSHA safety training is a necessity in many job roles. There are specific training requirements for employers, and they must make sure their employees are familiar with the safety regulations and the OSHA requirements.

OSHA requires that employers provide the appropriate training to any workers who face hazards while on the job. Authorized education centers, including Associated Training Services (ATS).

Many jobs require OSHA certification, so they can safely handle their job duties without putting themselves, coworkers, and the general public at risk.

Kinds Of OSHA Safety Training

While some workers are required to undergo OSHA safety training, most workers can benefit from it. The specific training requirements and programs are determined by the worksite or the employer.

These requirements are unique to the job sites and the different hazards the employee will face. In most cases, employers use a 10-hour or a 30-hour OSHA outreach training program as the baseline then they add on job-specific safety training.

ATS can create employer-specific training programs to make sure that the employees are OSHA certified and that they are trained to safely and properly handle the responsibilities associated with their job and its requirements.

Construction Industry and General Industry OSHA safety training both focus on special topics that are dependent on the industry chosen.

Employers will tell their employees which training is needed for their specific job. According to OSHA, construction work is work that involves construction, repair and/or alterations, and includes those who work in painting and decorating. General Industry is for industries not considered agricultural, maritime, or construction in nature.

To learn more about OSHA training, call ATS today at (800) 383-7364 to talk with one of our representatives.

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