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The Truth About ATS

Like all training facilities, ATS has students who share their feedback on their experience during their training. At Associated Training Services, we have a very high success rate within our graduates. We offer career services to assist graduates in finding a career and this helps a ton. Here are just a couple of the stories that have been shared by past students of ATS:

‘I found myself getting laid off from a dead end job just a few years into my working career. I was not sure what to do and one of my friends mentioned he was looing into becoming a heavy equipment operator. He explained what the industry entailed and I was immediately interested. I researched training schools and ATS looked the best online. I contacted the school and got more information. Before I knew it, I was on campus and training to work in heavy equipment. I am almost done with the course and very satisfied with what I have learned. I have begun looking at open jobs and there are alot. I am hoping to find a good position locally and when I do, I have ATS to thank for my success.’
-Andres F.

‘I have been a crane operator for years but with the changing regulations, I had to get my certifications updated. I was not sure which school to go to. ATS had more to offer than any other school and after reading about it, I saw no reason to look furthur. They helped me get everything I needed up to date. I am now qorking for the same company but with a promotion, a raise and an education to add to my resume. I definitely made a good choice in ATS.’
– Gary H.

As you can tell, ATS has more to offer than other schools like it. With several programs, career assistance and more- there is no better choice. Contact ATS today to enroll.

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