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Ten Important Backhoe Safety Tips

There are a quite a few heavy equipment safety guidelines that need to be remembered when operating a backhoe, and this list is by no means all inclusive. The following are some key areas that are known to be safety issues in a large number of workplaces. Maintaining a safe working environment keeps accidents from happening.

1. Always wear a seatbelt when you are operating the machine.
2. Do not allow your co-workers to ride in the equipment.
3. Keep any bystanders clear of your equipment while it is operation.
4. Stick to the manufacturers rated capacity.
5. Never allow anyone under the arm of the backhoe or to pass anything through the arms of the backhoe.
6. Do not set up on loose or soft ground, it could cause the backhoe to overbalance.
7. Ensure that everyone is clear of the machine when starting the equipment.
8. Ensure that the machine is well maintained.
9. Wear your hard hat and hearing protection.
10. The boom should always be centered and raised during transportation.

There are countless other safety guidelines for backhoes. These are, however, some areas that safety tends to fall down in a lot of places. Some of the safety blunders that people make can have lethal consequences. As always, when operating heavy equipment, take note of what is going on around you. As a skilled worker, you have a position of some responsibility. You are using dangerous equipment and you owe it to your co-workers to do all that you can to keep them safe.

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