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Technology Improving Operators Lives

It’s amazing how brazen some people can be. The construction industry is full of technology stories related to workers turning up for work and finding that someone had, overnight, stolen equipment, tools, and building materials. Imagine turning up for work and finding a large bulldozer was missing. That requires a truck to transport it away from the construction site, and let’s face it, moving a bulldozer is not a quiet job – yet people do it. More importantly, they steal large heavy equipment and they are often never found – at least, until now.

The introduction of GPS units into modern heavy equipment has had an upside, GPS units can be used to track vehicles if and when they are stolen. Recent news stories highlight how effective this technology is. I remember reading one news story that reported the successful location of stolen heavy equipment just one hour after it was reported stolen, all because of the GPS unit located inside the equipment.

GPS is just one of the new technologies that are being used to make life easier for heavy equipment operators. Computer-aided systems are everywhere now – from those designed to ensure the smooth and economical running of an engine to complex units designed to help operators finely adjust the settings on their blades.

New heavy equipment operators have it easy. They learn to operate heavy equipment using this new technology and can then update their skills on the job as new technology is introduced. Older drivers who return to the industry after a lengthy lay-off are often amazed at the changes in heavy equipment and sometimes struggle to come to terms with these changes.  Heavy equipment technology is making life easier for operators, safer for workers, and protecting equipment from theft – all positive for those involved in the field of heavy equipment operations.

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