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Road Graders – Road Crew Monsters

Ever wonder how a road is made flat when cruising through a hilly area? Or, ask yourself why we do not generally see large puddles on the highway? The answer to both of these questions is the road or motor grader and a well trained road grader operator. This piece of equipment can be used in the maintenance of unpaved roads, but its main purpose is roadwork and flattening a path. It smoothes the roadway prior to asphalt being poured, and it can be used to put a slight slope on highways to ensure the water runs off the road eliminating puddles that can result in cars hydroplaning.

Although not as well known as the bulldozer and dump truck, the road grader is an essential piece of the roadwork operations. As a result, being trained to operate one in a hands-on training environment is crucial to maneuvering these huge pieces of machinery effectively and safely. A good heavy equipment operator course will include training on road / motor graders to ensure capable operators are heading out to the worksites.

Ensuring the heavy equipment training program that is chosen includes many different pieces of equipment of the utmost importance. This is true because employers will not only look at the equipment that has been trained on, but also, they will look at the quality of the school that did the training. Employers want only the best trained workers who will be the most effective and safety conscious people on their site. Road graders may not be the most glamorous of the heavy equipment machines, but they are a very important one for road crews. Quality trained road grader operators are always in high demand, as roads are constantly being built and or maintained.

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