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You Can Rely On Backhoes When Things Go Wrong

Winter brings quite a few interesting scenarios that backhoes have to deal with. Water pipes that rupture due to the cold, perhaps sewage mains and a myriad of other problems that occur every time we bury essential services. The one piece of equipment you can always rely on to come in and help, of course, is the backhoe.

They are quite nimble for their size and can be quickly set up to dig up a trench and expose problematic pipelines. They can help raise and lower pipes and finish the job by back filling the trench. It can be a cold job, however, especially in some of the older models that have open cabs. You could be called out at odd hours as well if it is an urgent situation.

Learning to operate a backhoe is an interesting experience as it combines the skills of an excavator operator and those of a loader operator – fortunately not at the same time. Gaining employment as a backhoe operator is even more interesting since your versatility exposes you to such a wide range of tasks.

Becoming a backhoe operator is not as difficult as many would imagine. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can have you trained and ready to work in as little as three weeks. Forget training that takes three or six months – developing skills in areas that employers need is what is important, not developing a range of skills that you may never use.

If you are considering a career as a heavy equipment operator, particularly as a backhoe operator, then contact ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools and find where and when the next operator training course starts.

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