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Heavy Equipment Career Right For You?

There are good reasons and bad reasons for changing careers or starting an equipment career. If you’re young and with no or little job experience, it’s a good time to start a career. But what about heavy equipment? Is that the right career choice?

If you’re older, you might think twice about changing careers, but there are good reasons to do so even in the middle of your life. Here are three solid reasons why heavy equipment is a good career choice no matter how old you are.

  1. Baby Boomers are retiring – Because the Baby Boomer generation is beginning to retire, the next 20 years will prove to be a good period for career change and growth. Companies will be looking for younger people to step up and fill the gaps left by their employees retiring.
  2. There is high demand – The heavy equipment industry is seeking new candidates to hire and train right now. With America’s infrastructure crumbling, there is lots of work today. Both the private sector and public sector need qualified people to operate heavy equipment to build roads and bridges as well as skyscrapers and public projects.
  3. The pay is good – There are few blue-collar jobs that pay as well as heavy equipment operator jobs. When you consider the pay, the pension, and all the benefits together, it’s a fairly lucrative field. And if you have multiple qualifications (i.e. rigger, mobile crane operations certification, Class-A CDL), then you can command even higher pay.

Heavy equipment operations is a good career, and there are plenty of opportunities to go around.

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