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Pay Attention Or Pay The Price

What is the cost of not paying attention to what you are doing? Sometimes that cost isn’t much, because you are sitting in a chair at home zoning out during a commercial. But if you are sitting in the driver’s seat on the job, the price of not paying attention can be far higher than anyone wants to pay.

When a heavy equipment operator isn’t paying attention to what they are doing, bad things can happen. Most of your training at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School will have safety rules repeated over and over again. Your teachers will be discussing what can happen, talking about why that rule applies, and sharing stories of what they’ve experienced. In a lot of ways, you’ll think that safety is being talked about too much.

But there’s a reason why ATS has a reputation for training some of the best heavy equipment operators around, and that reason is the high standards of performance our graduates are taught. Part of the high standards of performance are safety standards that have been repeated so many times they become automatic.

Even if you aren’t paying attention, if safety is a habit, then you’ll be more apt to stay safe on the job. But the best idea is to pay attention to all you’ve been taught and the conditions you are working in. Paying attention to what’s going on around you, to where your machine is and your blind spots, will keep everybody safe.

Heavy equipment is too big for a mistake to be minor most of the time. Mistakes are costly, and that’s why the best heavy equipment operators pay attention to what they are doing even when it’s routine.

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