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Outlook For Bulldozer Operators Looking Positive

Bulldozer operators really do have a grand life. They work outdoors, get to master complex heavy equipment and often become a part of a great work team building relationships that last a lifetime. At the same time they are helping to build roads, bridges, houses and other construction projects that are designed to last well past their own life time. There are many bulldozer operators that can drive through an area and point to the many projects they worked on – always with a hint of pride.

Although the economic climate has looked bleak, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( has forecast a growth of at least 8% over the next decade. With an aging population there will be more operators retiring than commencing over that period, which will inevitably lead to labor shortages – a factor now being recognized by many sections of the construction community.

One area where labor shortages could have an impact is on wages. According to, the median salary for bulldozer operators is currently around $38,285. There are highs and lows across the nation with those working in more isolated areas earning a much higher salary. If there does become a shortage of qualified bulldozer operators then salaries could climb even higher as employers outbid each other for talented operators.

One of the great things about a career as a bulldozer operator is that it is open to almost anyone. You don’t need to be a high school graduate to commence training as training is open to all ages. In fact, some employers actually prefer mature aged operators, this doesn’t mean the young miss out since there are plenty of opportunities for all.

Training to become a bulldozer operator is not difficult. Good hand-eye coordination, a desire to work outdoors, and the ability to work as part of a team are three of the most important factors. If you wish to train to become a bulldozer operator then there is no time like the present to get started. There is a whole world of opportunity waiting for freshly qualified and eager bulldozer operators.

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