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Motor Graders Incorporate GPS For Greater Productivity

GPS is no longer ‘new’ technology – it’s been around for a long time with construction making use of the technology in heavy equipment like motor graders to increase productivity. The benefit to construction is through efficiencies, the motor grader can accurately perform its role first time – there is no longer the hit or miss that often occurs with non-GPS systems.

One of the problems the construction industry has faced in recent years is the changeover from old non-GPS equipped machinery to GPS equipped machinery. Motor grader operators that were trained more than five years ago have little knowledge of GPS and it is used on their new machinery. This has lead construction companies to either not use the technology, or to face the cost of training their operators in the technology.

Today’s heavy equipment students often have the option of adding GPS training to their course thus adding to their skills base. As these students enter the workforce the use of GPS has increased. We are approaching a point where motor grader operators without GPS skills will be passed over when it comes to recruitment.

It all comes back to economics. If a motor grader operator can have a job finished in 75% of the time using GPS then it makes sense to incorporate that technology. Employing individuals who don’t have those skills is only adding costs to a project that most businesses can no longer afford.

For any student contemplating a career as a motor grader operator, consider your options for including GPS training either in your training program, or as soon as possible after completing your training. Opportunities for motor grader operators with GPS skills will increase considerably over the next few years – be prepared and reap the rewards.

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