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Motor Graders And Demolition Work

Did you know that motor graders are frequently used as part of a demolition team? They are and they are expert at some of the jobs given to them. Motor graders have traditionally been used to finish road surfaces prior to the asphalt being applied.

Today, motor graders are used to peel off old asphalt when roads require rebuilding. They are also used on unsealed roads, particularly in late winter or early spring after snow and water damage. Motor graders can restore a road to a full use quickly, making short work of any potholes or rocks that have accumulated. But what interests us today is the work a grader can do on a demolition site.

In the past, scrapers would be called in to slowly peel away the foundations to level the ground. Today, a motor grader can be called in to do the job – and they can complete the work in half the time. Large construction companies are calling on motor graders to perform jobs that 20 years ago would have been impossible. Motor grader operators can now set their blades to such precise measurements, they can peel snow away from a road without harming the road’s surface.

To become a grader operator today, the real skill requirement is in being able to read site plans and then setting your motor graders blades to achieve the intended results. This takes knowledge of soil types, and often laser or even GPS technology. For those seeking a career that is varied, interesting, and full of technical wizardry, a career as a motor grader operator could be perfect. You can learn to be a motor grader operator in just three weeks by attending our heavy equipment operator training program.

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