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Let Our Career Services Department Turn A Heavy Equipment Dream Into Reality

We are proud of the reputation we have gained over almost half a century. That reputation doesn’t just stop at training people to become truck drivers, crane operators or heavy equipment operators. We have developed a reputation for working with industry to provide job ready drivers and operators – graduates who are ready to hit the ground running. We have also developed a reputation for working proactively with students and graduates to turn their training into an actual career.

Bragging? No, just stating facts. It’s hard work starting a new career. Just making that life changing decision is hard enough. Then you have to finance your training, then work your way through that training, all under a cloud of doubt – how long will it be before I can actually start work? That’s where our career services department earns its keep. No one can ever guarantee you a job – we’re trainers, not contractors who employ operators. However, we can work closely with you to find and secure that first job.

Our career services personnel have several aces up their sleeves. The first, contacts with thousands of employers. The second, and most important, is knowledge of what employers are looking for in new recruits, and how employers want to be approached. Some appreciate cold calling, others resent it. Our reputation is such that employers come to us with job vacancies – you can see some of those jobs listed here each Saturday, or you can take a short cut and go straight to our job site.

Having a dream to operate a bulldozer, grader or loader is really quite common. Turning that dream into reality is not that easy. Our career services department work with every student helping them to do just that, secure that first job and to turn that dream into a reality – and that’s why we have the reputation we’re proud of – our graduates succeed.

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